Archives – Vol. 2


Archives – Vol. 2


« Archives » Volume 2
ARAIGNÉE D’EAU — with Elise Bonnefon

Limited Edition 100 ex.
32 pages
Signed and hand-numbered

I am pleased to present you my personal series of booklets entitled « Archives ». Each volume of this series represents personal and authentic work, compiling my series of photographs exploring femininity and freedom. Through these pages, you will discover my vision of feminine beauty and the expression of freedom. « Archives » offers an immersion into my creative universe, capturing genuine and sincere moments.

In a world where screens dominate and social media inundates our lives with information, it’s easy to lose sight of the essence of photography. Photo books bring us back to the essentials and preserve stories that could get lost in the digital noise. They invite us to slow down, to reflect, and to appreciate the timeless beauty of photography. In a world saturated with information, photo books are a refuge where we can rediscover the true essence of photography. That’s why I’ve decided to publish these collections of personal images, accessible to all, which I’ve named « Archives ».

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